Pangaea ADD Capital reaches out to suppliers in the mining and agriculture sectors.

Pangaea ADD Capital CEO Diana Kabaila states that the financing gap has significantly widened following the COVID-19 pandemic, hence her company venturing to grow its footprint in supply chain finance, targeting the small-scale suppliers to impact Zambia’s economy.

“Our desire to fundamentally focus a large portion of our asset growth into SME-skewed lending products is based on our view that a significant number of SMEs have constrained growth, hampered job and wealth creation.”

“We do ticket sizes ranging from 10,000k to 5,000,000k thus far, but we are not limiting ourselves to this band. We can extend larger quantum’s depending on the merits of the case at hand.”

Pangaea ADD Capital has therefore tailored its financial products to impact the broader SMEs that include women and youth lead businesses which are positioned predominantly in the mining and agriculture sectors.

“Our economy needs SMEs to thrive— they account for more than half of most country’s GDP and are responsible for nearly seven in every 10 jobs. Now, more than ever, it is vital that SMEs are provided with the necessary financial backing to support their employees, their communities and to give hope to the millions of people who need them to survive.”

Kabaila observes that traditional main stream lending does not fit with the reality of today’s SME and has hence not solved the problem of lack of access to credit for business support. “The mainstream ‘one size fits all’ structured credit assessments does not work for SMEs in Zambia.”

Kabaila says at Pangaea ADD Capital, the model of lending is faster, easier, cost-effective and transparent. “We establish SME’s creditworthiness and evaluate risk more easily through our personal insights of an SME. The Pangaea ADD Capital way is to unlock an SME’s potential through our service delivery.”